Transmission oils

Silver Wheel transmission oils are the best choice for your vehicle fleet. Use of high-quality oil ensures excellent lubrication in transmission friction units of cars, trucks and buses, as well as in various reduction and worm gears of industrial equipment. In the modes of high slip speeds, pressures and a wide range of temperatures, Silver Wheel gear oils retain their properties throughout the entire period of operation. This ensures minimizing energy losses due to friction and excellent heat transfer from friction surfaces. The oils have optimally balanced characteristics to ensure long-term operation of transmission units. When developing the oil formulas we took into consideration all requirements to this type of lubricants for commercial vehicles. Silver Wheel gear oils have adequate antiscoring, antiwear, as well as good viscosity/temperature properties. All these properties of the gear oil are ensured by introduction into the base oil corresponding functional additives: pour-point depressant, antiscoring, antiwear, antioxidant, anticorrosion, antifoam additives, etc.

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