For commercial vehicles

Silver Wheel motor oils, gear and hydraulic system oils have been developed based on high-quality base materials and advanced additives. The materials are subject to thorough checks and control which guarantees the ultra-high quality of the lubricants. The company engineers have developed a wide range of technical fluids for vehicles in order to fully satisfy the needs of a mixed vehicle fleet. Silver Wheel products are represented by a wide choice for vehicles of any carrying capacity: buses and minibuses, trucks, and special-purpose vehicles. Carefully developed and tested lubricants ensure high protection for vehicle mechanisms. Autoсhemie Bitterfeld GmbH has been using technologies and materials recognized as the best in the world for many years. It is this rigorous approach to quality issues that ensures demand for our products among professionals in 50 countries around the world. You can always rely on high-performance lubricants to help you achieve lower maintenance costs and maximize efficiency.