Transmission oil 3800 FS 75W-90
Transmission oil 3800 FS 75W-90
Transmission oil 3800 FS 75W-90
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Transmission oil 3800 FS 75W-90

SAE 75W-90, API GL-5, SAE J2360

- due to a special additives package it ensures significantly extended oil change intervals according to the instructions of auto manufacturers;

- excellent fluidity index at low temperatures;

- the best-in-class protection against wear;

- ensures the most efficient operation of the transmission;

- ensures fuel saving, even during short-distance transportation;

- ensures maximum efficiency in transmitting force in manual transmissions;

- excellent corrosion protection, including ferrous metals;

- excellent compatibility with rubber parts that prevents oil leakage;

- extreme antiscoring protection, even after a long service life;

- improved protection against rust, corrosion and foaming;

- extremely low pour point

Transmission synthetic base oil with European additives package specifically for high pressure mechanical and hypoid transmissions working under high loads. Increased fluidity of this oil contributes to easy starting of a car at low temperatures, as well as to fuel saving.

Recommendations for Use: 

this transmission oil is ideal for heavy duty axle drives, synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions, as well as junction boxes and power takeoff mechanisms, where use of oil meeting API GL-4 / GL-5 standards is prescribed. When selecting the oil, recommendations of the auto manufacturers shall be followed.

Bar code:
1L - 4260283356492, 20L - 4260283356294