Motor oils

Silver Wheel motor oils are an optimal combination of high quality and a good price. Developing the formula of the motor oils, АСВ engineers have combined the best characteristics and properties in one brand. Choosing Silver Wheel motor oil you can be absolutely sure that you are buying the best product for your vehicle. Silver Wheel line of motor oils for commercial vehicles is represented by synthetic and semi-synthetic oils with a wide choice of viscosity grades 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40 both for year-round and seasonal use. Silver Wheel motor oils perfectly fulfil their task, which is confirmed by high quality standards and compliance with requirements of leading vehicle manufactures. The Silver Wheel series of motor oils is the production of a new generation composed of high-quality base oils and unique additives that are suitable for both – diesel- and gasoline-driven vehicles. The Oils ensure optimal motor protection against wear and friction, particularly under high loads, while driving around the city, and also guarantee minimized fuel consumption and excellent corrosion protection, facilitate the motor start-up and reduce significantly the harmful impact of exhaust gases. Particular feature of Silver Wheel oils is their economy and low coefficient of friction. In addition to motor oils, ACB also produces a full range of specialized gear oils, as well as antifreezes, brake fluids, and greases intended for use in trucks.

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