Motor oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze are very important for operation of a vehicle. Motor cooling is the main task of the antifreeze. AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH engineers specify strict requirements for antifreezes of Silver Wheel brand. This is precisely why the company’s coolants are the best combination of base components and exclusive additives developed by ACB professionals in the laboratory based on years of research and global trends. Silver Wheel antifreezes are presented by a wide choice of antifreezes of G11, G12+ grades with various freezing points and additives. The formula of antifreezes has been specially developed for various types of commercial vehicles, meeting the highest requirements for operation under heavy loads. The use of the exclusive additive set efficiently prevents problems of the entire cooling system of the vehicle. The parts, especially the pump and the radiator, operate more efficiently, thus significantly increasing their service life.

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