Transmission oil ATF III+ (H/G)
  • 1L plast

Transmission oil ATF III+ (H/G)


- ensures reliable protection against wear, corrosion and foaming;

- high and stable viscosity index;

- excellent performance at very low temperatures;

- very low pour point;

- compatible with all ATF brands;

- neutral to seals and non-ferrous metals due to special additives package

Universal latest generation ATF (automatic transmission fluid) for automatic transmissions with and without regulated torque converter lock-up clutch, where liquid of above stated specifications is required. It ensures maximum lubrication with optimal protection against wear and oxidation.

Recommendations for Use:

this transmission oil was developed for use in automatic transmissions, where Dexron III H / G performance standard is prescribed. It can be mixed with similar products of other brands. When selecting the oil, recommendations of the auto manufacturers shall be followed.

Bar code:
4L - 4260283354887, 5L - 4260283354931