Motor oil 160 Truck 20W-50
Motor oil 160 Truck 20W-50
Motor oil 160 Truck 20W-50
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Motor oil 160 Truck 20W-50

SAE 20W-50, API CF-4/CF/SG ACEA E2, A2/B3

- complex protection of the engine against wear, deposits and corrosion in any operating conditions for diesel and gasoline engines of earlier versions;

- high resistance to thermal oxidation and aging processes;

- has good detergent properties;

- neutral to rubber parts and seals.

High-quality universal motor oil for use in diesel and gasoline engines, which require compliance with earlier operating standards. The product has optimal viscosity characteristics, which ensure a stable lubrication of the engine. Improved additive package reduces friction, wear and prevents the formation of sediment.

Recommendations for use:

- universal oil for the economical maintenance of later diesel and gasoline engines, which require the following characteristics of the viscosity of the oil: SAE 15W-40;

- It is recommended for use in mixed fleets that require the use of oil specified standards and technical conditions and that serve in urban and regional transport of goods;

- well suited for engines with high mileage. Guarantees a stable lubricating film even at high temperatures.

- When choosing the oil should follow the recommendations of automakers.

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