Motor oil 520 ST 5W-20
Motor oil 520 ST 5W-20
Motor oil 520 ST 5W-20
Motor oil 520 ST 5W-20
  • 1L plast
  • 4L plast
  • 5L plast
  • 20L

Motor oil 520 ST 5W-20


- reduced fuel and oil consumption due modern high efficiency additives package; 

- excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions; 

- protection against wear, rust and corrosion; 

- ensures a fast engine start and lubrication at negative ambient temperatures.

Energy-efficient semi-synthetic engine oil for modern petrol and diesel car engines. This oil provides excellent cold starting properties, minimization of fuel consumption, friction and were, with extending oil change intervals as per manufacturer's instruction. It is formulated to provide the protection required for a wide range of operating conditions. Suitable for catalytic converters. 

Recommendations for Use:

- recommended for all modern and more recent gasoline and diesel engines that require oil of stated specifications, including high-performance, multivalve, turbocharged direct-injection engines;

- when selecting oil, recommendations of the auto manufacturers shall be followed.

Bar code:
1L - 4260283352234, 4L - 4260283352234