Motor oil 430 ST 10W-30
Motor oil 430 ST 10W-30
Motor oil 430 ST 10W-30
Motor oil 430 ST 10W-30
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Motor oil 430 ST 10W-30


- reduced friction for excellent protection against engine wear and improved fuel economy;

- helps to keep the engine clean by helping to eliminate engine deposits 

- high resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown;

- excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions.

Engine oil meeting the latest requirement of most passengers cars, SUV's and light vans. Developed for use in fuel-injected gasoline and light diesel engines without particulate filters. Ensures optimal engine protection from were and sludge due to modern European additive package.

Recommendations for Use:                                   

- recommended for all modern and more recent gasoline and diesel engines that require oil of stated specifications, including high-performance, multivalve, turbocharged direct-injection engines;

- when selecting oil, recommendations of the auto manufacturers shall be followed.

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