Motor oil 330 ST 10W-40
Motor oil 330 ST 10W-40
Motor oil 330 ST 10W-40
Motor oil 330 ST 10W-40
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Motor oil 330 ST 10W-40


- stable, high-viscosity characteristics and antifriction properties;

- Highly effective protection against deposits and wear;

- can be used in engines equipped with catalytic converters of exhaust gases;

- fuel economy for all types of operational loads.

Motor oil on a high-quality synthetic base with a low coefficient of friction, designed for economical year-round maintenance and corresponding to the majority of requirements of manufacturers of modern gasoline and diesel engines of cars and minibuses, including those with turbo-supercharging and direct fuel injection. Neutralizes the influence of poor-quality fuel, reduces friction, wear and prevents the formation of carbon deposits.

Recommendations for use:

- Recommended for all modern and earlier gasoline and diesel engines requiring specified specifications, including high-performance, multi-valve, turbocharged direct injection engines. When choosing the oil should follow the recommendations of the automaker;

- universal oil for year-round use in modern gasoline and diesel engines;

- It is recommended to use at ambient temperatures above -25°С

Bar code:
1L - 4260283351190, 4L - 4260283351206