Brake fluid DOT-4
Brake fluid DOT-4
Brake fluid DOT-4
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Brake fluid DOT-4

FMVSS 116, DOT 4, SAE J 1704, ISO 4925

- ensures a high degree of protection against evaporation;

- recommended for vehicles with ABS system;

- Can be used for disc brakes and internally ventilated brake discs.

Silver Wheel DOT-4 - Synthetic high-temperature brake fluid has been developed for use in the braking systems of all vehicles and especially those working under heavy loads. The product was developed on the basis of polyglycol blend with the highly efficient additives and inhibitors, which offer excellent protection against corrosion and steam bag. Both dry and wet evaporation temperatures exceed the minimum standard requirements.

Application Notes:

- to be used according to the instructions of the car manufacturer.

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0,25 L - 4260283350360