​Premiere in the range of TM Silver Wheel - new low-viscosity motor oils

New products appeared in the TM Silver Wheel line - fully synthetic low-viscosity motor oils.
​Premiere in the range of TM Silver Wheel - new low-viscosity motor oils

To meet the latest requirements of consumers, the German manufacturer AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH has released fully synthetic low-viscosity motor oils Silver Wheel 770 FS 0W-20, Silver Wheel 780 FS 0W-20, Silver Wheel 520 ST 5W-20, 525 ST 5W- 20 (FS).

Energy efficient motor oils based on fully synthetic materials and the latest additive technologies for year-round use at low temperatures as well as in extremely difficult road conditions. Recommended for gasoline and diesel engines, including turbocharged and direct injection.

Engine oils retain their properties for longer, even at extremely high temperatures, while continuing to effectively protect the engine. They are very resistant to degradation processes and have low volatility. Excellent low temperature characteristics of oils provide better fluidity at low temperatures for easier starting and faster engine warm-up. The oils are formulated using active cleaning technology that helps keep the engine running at full power until the next change, and protects parts from damaging deposits and wear. Detergent additives keep impurities in the oil and help to increase engine life by neutralizing acids formed during fuel combustion.

The new oils help reduce CO2 emissions and therefore protect the environment. They extend the life of «ecological emissions», are used in engines using biofuel.

Benefits of Silver Wheel oils:

excellent cold start characteristics even at low temperatures;fuel economy under any operating conditionsexcellent detergent and dispersant properties.neutral attitude to sealantslow evaporation, hence low oil consumptionexcellent protection against wear, corrosion and foaming.